A joint international work

CLAAS tractors have been part of our product range for more than 10 years. They are continuously developed on a large scale and do an excellent job - that's what our customers tell us. These claims are supported by positive tests from various test institutes and specialist agricultural journals. More than 1,500 employees in the development and in our factories work continuously looking for better solutions and manufacturing more than 50 different models of tractors that can be compared in this web. More than 15,000 sales and service employees as well as sales and technical staff from our dealers bring our tractors to the customer and ensure that they operate reliably. Today, more than 120,000 CLAAS tractors are doing an excellent job worldwide. That's exactly what you need to communicate.

How do we do it?

Introducing and letting those who work with our machines speak. Our customers.

What characterizes us?

We think about work. What work does the farmer or contractor have to do with our machines? What characteristics does a machine have to have for the user? How can we help the customer to make his work easier? Based on these requirements we develop our machines - independently of the series. CLAAS manufactures machines with which the user can do a really excellent job. The campaign idea was born: Excellent work. CLAAS tractors.

What is most important for the farmer?

The soil. It is the greatest asset for any farmer. Good soil ensures that the farm has a future and produces quality food. This idea is embodied in the graphic idea: We show the farmer doing his excellent job. From above. Looking at the ground.

What concept is behind it?

All motifs tell real stories. Real fields are professionally photographed, real work is shown, which is executed accurately and efficiently by the client. We see farmers and contractors with very different farm sizes. We tell real stories. They are stories about the challenges of daily work, absolutely individual. About the excellent work that customers do with CLAAS tractors and thus symbolising the high quality that CLAAS machines must have - and that they have.